Parking passes may be purchased from the self-service kiosks located in the parks where payment is required.  There are kiosks in Lions Beach; Tiscornia Park; the parking lot adjacent to the Whirlpool Compass Fountain; and Kiwanis Park. 

The machines use a “pay by plate” system; please know your license plate number when you go to the kiosk.  You will receive a receipt but it is not necessary to place the receipt on your car, enforcement is performed through identifying your license plate.  You may purchase an hourly, daily, or season pass.

There is also a “touchless” purchase option available through , or via the PassportParking app on your mobile device.  Use the zone number you see displayed on the signage near the kiosks (1102, 1103, or 1104). 
A valid City parking pass may be used in all four of the named City parks during the period for which the pass is effective, regardless of the location in which it was purchased.

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