payonline3Summer tax bills are due July 1, but are payable through September 15 without penalty. Summer taxes not paid by September 15 are assessed a 4% penalty. Winter tax bills are due December 1, but are payable through February 14 without penalty. Winter taxes not paid by February 14 are assessed a 3% late fee.

Phone: 269-983-4731
Fax: 269-985-0347

Vacant, Treasurer -  
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The City of St. Joseph property taxes are billed semi-annually on July 1st and December 1st. Property tax amounts are based on approved millages and cover the current calendar year. The City collects and distributes tax revenue for the following entities:

  • City of St. Joseph
  • Berrien County
  • St. Joseph and Benton Harbor Public Schools
  • State Education Tax
  • Berrien Intermediate School District
  • Lake Michigan College


Effective 2018 Property Tax Season:

The City will no longer accept postmarks for property taxes.This change is to help bring the City’s processes in line with the County and ensure accurate, timely and equitable handling of all property tax payments.

Please contact the City Treasurer’s Office, (269) 983-4731 with any questions.

Summer Taxes

  • Billed July 1; due and payable through 5:00 PM on September 15th
  • 4% penalty is added on September 16th
  • Last day to pay summer tax bills at the City is the last day of February
  • March 1st all unpaid taxes are turned over to the Berrien County Treasurer for collection

Winter Taxes

  • Billed December 1; due and payable through 5:00 PM on February 14th
  • 3% penalty is added on February 15th
  • Last day to pay winter tax bills at the City is the last day of February
  • March 1st all unpaid taxes are turned over to the Berrien County Treasurer for collection

Additional Information

  • Tax Deferments are available to qualified homeowners.
  • Special Assessments exists on various parcels within the city. Please contact the Finance Office for payoff details.

Payment Options

Beginning with the Summer 2016 taxes, the City of St. Joseph will begin accepting credit cards for payment of your taxes in person at City Hall. Payments may also be in the form of cash or check. The prior payment option, is no longer valid and will not accept payments.

FEES - A convenience fee equal to 3% of the payment amount ($2 minimum) will be assessed for all credit card payments.  An additional $3 for E-check payments will be charged on amounts up to $10,000; for amounts over $10,000, the E-check fee is $10.00. 


IN PERSON - At City Hall, 700 Broad Street, Monday through Friday 8:00 am until 5:00 pm.

ONLINE - Summer Tax or Winter Tax

BY PHONE - Pay your bill over the phone using an automated service, available 24/7 at 866-279-6342 (select option 1 for Summer Taxes, option 2 of Winter Taxes) or talk to a customer service representative, Monday through Friday from 8:00 am until 10:00 pm at 888-891-6064 and select option 1

BY MAIL - Send your check along with the tax stub to the City of St. Joseph, 700 Broad Street, St. Joseph, MI 49085. We cannot accept credit card payments by mail or drop box.

DROP BOX - Insert your tax payment in our 24/7 drop box located inside the double glass doors at the Broad Street entrance to City Hall. Please include your tax stub.

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