St. Joseph, known for its abundant natural resources and great picturesque landscapes, makes a wonderful place to get married. St. Joseph has been nationally acclaimed as "Michigan's Most Romantic City" by the Detroit Free Press and the "Riviera of the Midwest" by the Fine Living Channel.


Noted for its wonderful, fine-sand beaches, beach weddings are very popular in the City of St. Joseph. St. Joseph's beaches have not gone unnoticed, and have been recognized as one of the "Top Ten Beaches in the US" by Parents Magazine (Silver Beach) and "One of the Top Six Great Escapes in the World" by Delta Airlines Sky Magazine. If you are interested in having a wedding on the beach, please take a look at our Bride's Guide to Beach Weddings, which lists some FAQs about beach weddings. If you have any additional questions about weddings in St. Joseph, we encourage you to contact (269)-983-6341 or click here.


Please be aware that sky lanterns (a/k/a Chinese lanterns) are not allowed in the City of St. Joseph per City Ordinance Sec.19-99. Unmanned free-floating devices.It shall be unlawful for any person to use, ignite, or discharge an unmanned free-floating device. An unmanned free-floating device is an object which is not moored to the ground, requires fire underneath to propel it and has an uncontrollable flight path and descent area. An unmanned free-floating device includes but is not limited to, sky lanterns. Thank you for following the law.

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