The Special Pick-ups offered through the City of St. Joseph are intended for over-size or bulky items that cannot be taken in your regular rubbish collection.

Special Pick-up Guidelines:           
• Special Pick-ups shall only be made on Thursdays (except holidays, where they shall be made the day prior to the holiday.  Requests must be called in to the Public Works Department at (269-983-6341) by NOON on the Wednesday immediately before.
• Special Pick-ups are limited to Residential property. 
• Commercial or Industrial property (including apartments or condominiums with five units or more in a single building) are not eligible for this program.
• Special Pick-ups shall be limited to a total of three cubic yards per pick-up. 
• A maximum of three (3) Special Pick-ups are allowed per separate parcel of property per calendar year, January 1 thru December 31.
• Waste generated through home renovation/construction by either the homeowner or a contractor is not allowed.  All contractors shall be responsible for the collection, removal and proper disposal of the generated waste.  
• Mattress or Box Springs Requirement – Each Mattress or Box Springs are required to be in a plastic bed bag and sealed for pick-up.  No Bag = No Pick-up
• Additional items Not allowed for pick-up include:
              Hazardous Items – chemicals, solvents, oil-based paint, refrigerators, freezers, air-conditioners,
              dehumidifiers, propane tanks, motor oil and anti-freeze
              Wood – Lumber – Boards – Paneling – Posts - Cabinets
              Concrete – Bricks - Blocks
              Cast-Iron Sinks or Tubs
              Railroad Ties – Landscape Timbers
              Broken Glass
              Garage Doors
              Boats – Campers – Truck Toppers - Trailers
              Yard Shed – Wood Fence
• Special Pick-up items shall be placed on the side of the lot opposite your normal trash, if the weekly trash service is on the same day as the scheduled pick-up.  Items should be placed at the curb after 5:00 pm on the Wednesday preceding the Thursday picking.
• If all three (3) pick-ups are used for a parcel of property during the calendar year, and the resident has disposal needs the City recommends to contact a disposal service (such as Best Way 269-463-3232) for removal.


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