Crime Prevention Information Line - Call (269) 985-0300 to hear how you can help yourself and your neighborhood avoid becoming a victim of various crimes that have occurred in our City. Seasonal crime prevention and safety tips are also given out on this line which is updated several times a month.

You can request a crime prevention program for your civic or church group, arrange for a free home security survey or start a Neighborhood Watch Program on your block by leaving your name and phone number on the Crime Prevention Information Line.

What is a Neighborhood Watch Program?

Here in St. Joseph, our Neighborhood Watch program is a formalization of the informal process of watching out for your neighbors and their property. The street signs and decals indicate that the particular neighborhood involved is trained in observing, recording and reporting suspicious activities. Many homes in organized Watch areas have taken advantage of a free home security survey offered by the Public Safety Department.

How do I get a Neighborhood Watch program started in my neighborhood?

Just contact the Public Safety Department and speak with either Lenny Rothrock or Chris Sysko. They will assign a Unit member to work with you in setting up a program in your neighborhood.

What happens at our first block Watch meeting?

Prior to the first meeting you will given flyers to pass out to your neighbors on your block. At the first meeting a Public Safety Officer will share information on when and how to call our Department, what is suspicious, how to describe a person or vehicle and talk about home security.

How do I get my signs and decals?

At the first meeting, Neighborhood Watch decals will be passed out to those present. Neighborhood Watch signs will be put up after a neighborhood selects a block captain and submits a list of all the homes (with names and addresses) on that block.

What does a block captain do?

Completes and submits the initial block roster and sets an annual meeting for that Watch group. The block captain is the contact person for the Department should we need to get information distributed in that neighborhood.

What does a block have to do to stay an active Neighborhood Watch block?

Update the block roster yearly as well as conduct an annual meeting.

If you have any questions about these topics, please contact the City and we will be glad to help you.

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