The Director of Economic Development and Communications for the City of St. Joseph is responsible for creating the City's newsletter, Public Art, City calendar, overseeing the city's website and various other marketing opportunities and events for the City St. Joseph. If you wish to inquire about potential new business ventures or events located in St. Joseph, please feel free to use the contact information listed below.





Director:                                                                                      This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Address: 700 Broad Street
Phone: (269) 983-5541
Fax: (269) 985-0346

General Information:

Located on the second floor of City Hall (adjacent to the City Manager's office), the Director of Communications and Marketing is the main liaison between the City and events, merchants, and downtown.

Tasks Administered by the Director of Economic Development and Communications 

  • Downtown Public Art
  • Downtown Development Authority (DDA)
  • Website update and maintenance
  • Annual Calendar
  • Bi-monthly City Newsletter (City Connection)
  • Block Party Application

Please follow links or see below for more information on these topics

City Calendar

The City Calendar is a GREAT tool for residents of the City of St. Joseph to learn about events in the City, garbage collection dates, contact information at City Hall, and serves as a great conduit between City Hall and the residents of St. Joseph. It is especially useful for our new residents as it is very thorough and full of information a new resident may inquire about. If you'd like to download a .PDF of our Annual City Calendar, please click the link below. If you'd like a physical copy of the calendar, please come to City Hall and we will be happy to give one to you for free.

  • Annual City Calendar

City Newsletter

The City Connection is a bi-monthly newsletter sent to the residents of the City of St. Joseph. In it you will find periodic news and project updates, interest stories, events, and other things happening in the City of St. Joseph. The newsletter is also available online. If you wish to receive the newsletter through e-mail, please go to the home page and click the button on the righthand side of the screen labeled ‘NEWSLETTER’.

Listed below are previous publications of "City Connection":

2022 Newsletters: 


Downtown Development Authority (DDA)

The Downtown Development Authority Board (DDA) is responsible for carrying out tasks associated with the planning and improvement of the downtown area through a range of eligible public projects, including streetscape, landscaping or utilities along with assistance to developers in the improvement of real estate within the DDA boundaries.  The nine members are defined by state law and are appointed by the City Commission.


St Joseph Downtown Vision

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