The mission of the Finance Department is to provide high-quality budget, financial management, accounting and billing services in a timely and responsive manner.


Sara McCallum December 2016

Finance Director/City Clerk:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Address: 700 Broad Street
Phone: (269) 983-4731
Fax: (269) 985-0347

Sharen O'Neill, Accounting ClerkThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The Finance Department is located on the first floor of City Hall and is open daily, Monday through Friday from 8 AM until 5 PM.

The Finance Department provides financial, property tax and utility billing information to the public, state agencies, grantors, auditors, city commission and the city's management staff. The Department's primary duty is to facilitate the wise use of the City's financial resources.

The City of St. Joseph does not have a separate purchasing department or Purchasing Director. The purchasing operations of the City are decentralized; each Department Head is responsible for the purchasing of goods and services for his/her own department under the provisions of the City Purchasing Policy.

The Finance Department consists of three key areas – Accounting, Treasury, and Utility Billing.


The Finance Department is the city's central fiscal control and accounting agency and is responsible for the original entry of all City assets, liabilities, equities, receipts and expenditures of the City. Under the direction of the Finance Director, the department develops and maintains accounting systems for all financial transactions in conformity with the City Charter, State law and generally accepted accounting principles. We prepare the City's annual budget, with the assistance of the City Manager and management staff. The financial condition of the City is monitored through budget amendments and forecasts. Internal management reports are generated to facilitate daily operations and decision-making. We coordinate with the City's external auditor to produce the City's annual financial statements.

The department's daily finance and accounting activities include accounts payable, accounts receivable, utility billing, risk management, monthly financial reports, investment, debt management and cash-flow management.

Annual Budget 

Please go to Public Hub to view the current and past years budgets. 

Annual Audit 

Please go to Public Hub to view the current and past years audit reports. 

 Please click here to view a Fee Schedule for all City Fees, Permits, and Licenses

Property Taxes

The Finance Department is responsible for the preparation of the City's tax roll, as well as the invoicing, collection, and settlement of all property taxes levied in the City. We also collect and disburse properties taxes on behalf of Berrien County, Lake Michigan College, the Intermediate School District and St. Joseph and Benton Harbor public schools.

Summer tax bills are due and payable July 1st through September 15th
Winter tax bills are due and payable December 1st through February 14th

A 4% penalty is applied to all late summer bills
A 3% penalty is applied to all winter tax bills

These penalties were established as a part of the City Charter and cannot be waived by City Employees. Please call the Treasurer's office for the correct late payment amount. For more information about property taxes, click here.

Dog licenses are available for sale at the Finance Office between December 1st and March 1st of each year.

Utility Billing

The Finance Department is responsible for all water service applications, meter applications, customer billing and payment processing for over 15,000 customers in St. Joseph City, Lincoln Charter Township, Royalton Township, and St. Joseph Charter Township. For more information regarding utility billing, click here.


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